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That's some great info on those units in your post.

I went from the Burl B32 to a CAPI 16x4 SumBus a few months ago and the SumBus is just an amazing box. To me it's 100% the console-type sound.

Had Audibility Recordings (via Reverb) do the build and he did a fantastic job on it as well.

I’m not familiar with the features of that Summing unit but I’m sure it sounds great as does all the Capi gear.

My main issue with Mix 690 Summing Mixer was there is no insert send and return per channel, so my PT volume rides affected my compression. Otherwise that unit sounded really great and the build quality was top notch.

So basically if I was mixing 100% ITB and then just sum through the 690 it wouldn’t be an issue. I use a good amount of rack gear so it just didn’t work out for me.