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The 2 “best” sounding Summing mixers I’ve owned are the Inward Connections Mix-690 and the Heritage MCM-32.

The Mix 690 sounds great and is built like a tank, great quality build. The sound is clean not colored yet sounds full, wide, and has good dimension. 16 channels, Pan only, Master fader, MixBus insert.

The MCM-32 sounds very good, poor build quality compared to the 690, the sound is colored adds a tad bit of softness to the transients. The features are great!32 channels, bussing, insert send & returns Pans, faders, Mixbuss insert.

I also owned the api DSM Summing mixer system. It had a narrow sound to it compared to both mixers mentioned above, I think this has a lot to do with the 2510 Opamps they used in Place of the 2520 Opamp per channel. The master section did have 2520s but the individual channels had 2510’s.

I’m back to a console now and that’s where I’m staying. It has it all and sounds big, wide, and dimensional. Lots of color. 28x16x4.

What is cool about Summing mixers is they’re small and you can have a few different flavors and not take up a lot of room.