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1) fix the beat. Transient/expansion/etc., M/S EQ, etc. So it sounds good and has it's dynamics back
2) sidechain compress ALL the vox and their fx returns from the beat to mimic the rest of the 2buss compression that you couldn't undo in #1 above.

People are always wowed at my mixes from freakin' 2 tracks (which drive me crazy. luckily I don't get too many of them). I readily share my process, but people don't like to use it. I guess it's hard to do well or something.

Hi chris, super new to Gearslutz infact I've made an account specifically to reply to this....
Are we talking about side-chaining the vocals to a compressor on the instrumental such as a Waves F6 so the beat ducks when ever the vocals are playing to create space?
Thanks for all the info also!