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Yes I agree, but I get the same effect with an analogue chain on the mix bus.

Just inserting the HEDD 192 on my mix bus and turning the pentode knob and boom the mix widens every bit as much as any summing unit I've demoed or heard. And that's hardware DSP!

Then there's the M&S stuff on the SSL Fusion or the DRms plugin. How wide does a mix need to be.
Massive is massive no matter how you go about it.

I have no trouble getting mixes to sound huge and commercial without a summing unit. Plus I'm not making bad of summing units, in fact the exact opposite I can hear they have a vibe, but I think the vibe resides in the stereo part of their design - I believe this is the thinking behind the stereo LTLO Silver Bullet.

However, I am considering breaking out into multi channel analogue processing in a proper hybrid system and to avoid latency hassles and to make gain staging easy I can imagine something like a Neve 8816 as an analogue mixer would be a superb solution, both sonically and practically speaking.

Not a cheap path though, converters worthy of the task are so expensive in counts of 16.
Not completely disagreeing with you. The Hedd is the next piece on my list...that and a Manley vari mu. Tony Shepperd along with Paul Wolf designed the mix factory and wider and warmer were the key factors that went into it's design. Tony also uses the Hedd and mix factory in his chain and swears by them. I trust him completely and my mixes have improved greatly since i started kinda of being mentored by him. I am in the studio now comparing different saturation tones and fx. I can honestly say that the combination of the mix factory, solid 4000, duy tape and dramastic obsidian is the closest that I have come the to sound in my head and I can't achieve that itb or with analog hardware alone. perhaps the m/s thing plays a huge role in your process but thatis something I rarely play with. I'm excited to hear my client reactions once i deliver products with this work flow.