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There is a width and depth that I can get with the a designs mix factory that I can’t get itb. I for sure have tried and I have just about every plugin you can imagine. Now I don’t use it on every mix out of laziness and for some clients adding analog trannies is good enough. Adding the solid 4000 plus the mix factory gives an even wider depth of field and more “Separation”. I don’t know why. I just know that summing gets me closer to my reference commercially released mixes than otherwise. It can’t get there by itb alone. Maybe it’s just me...
Yes I agree, but I get the same effect with an analogue chain on the mix bus.

Just inserting the HEDD 192 on my mix bus and turning the pentode knob and boom the mix widens every bit as much as any summing unit I've demoed or heard. And that's hardware DSP! Then add my hardware mix bus compressor a stereo EQ and .... the mix is huge sounding 3D, smooth and great depth.

Then there's the M&S stuff on the SSL Fusion or the DRms plugin. How wide does a mix need to be!

Massive is massive no matter how you go about it.

I have no trouble getting mixes to sound huge and commercial without a summing unit. Plus I'm not making bad of summing units, in fact the exact opposite I can hear they have a vibe, but I think the vibe resides in the stereo part of their design - I believe this is the thinking behind the stereo LTLO Silver Bullet.

However, I am considering breaking out into multi channel analogue processing in a proper hybrid system and to avoid latency hassles and to make gain staging easy I can imagine something like a Neve 8816 as an analogue mixer would be a superb solution, both sonically and practically speaking.

Not a cheap path though, converters worthy of the task are so expensive for a 16 channels.