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There is a width and depth that I can get with the a designs mix factory that I can’t get itb. I for sure have tried and I have just about every plugin you can imagine. Now I don’t use it on every mix out of laziness and for some clients adding analog trannies is good enough. Adding the solid 4000 plus the mix factory gives an even wider depth of field and more “Separation”. I don’t know why. I just know that summing gets me closer to my reference commercially released mixes than otherwise. It can’t get there by itb alone. Maybe it’s just me...

Do you feel your current combo rivals what you'd get on the older SSLs before the current batch of clean boards?

I get tempted to try other summing boxes, but most only have transformers on the 2bus, and I can do that with my folcrom.

The mix factory is tempting because it has volume knobs and multiple inserts.

And don't laugh. Lol
I'm still on the fence with getting out of TDM. I keep thinking I can keep getting more outboard instead of giving Avid dough.

I'm tempted to route to Harrison mix bus or some other DAW from my TDM rig.

How is the Kahayan piece? I've never used one.

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