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The CAD M179 might be a better budget option for them to get something like a C414 than the C214 would. Or any one of the Lewitt large diaphragm condensers. Or they could probably find a used C414 XLS on eBay as well if it has to be AKG (though they could also get a pair of CADs for the price as well).
It wouldn't surprise me. There's a whole lot of mics out there, each with different flavors. Many with long term reputations for success or failure at specific tasks. Many of which are ripe for further... experimentation.

I often snag sub $100 used mics when I see them available. Occasionally, more expensive ones too.

I'll do a quick online check to make sure it isn't a well known doorstop. Or designed exclusively for single-string Hindustani zither-harp. Seems a no-brainer to me.

Try it, sell it for paid price if I hate it. Pretty sure I haven't sold many. I have a Peavey choir mic hanging from the ceiling of the Live Room right now. Perfect for RTFN vox practice.

In the same lot I snagged a $40-ish dollar (list) Shure, with 58 build but way nicer top end. Plus 30 XLRs, 30 TRS, a Pro 2 DI, an Imp, and a whole bunch of adapters.

$140... well spent.

He who dies with the most mics... wins.