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Ah yes, the 32 i/o limit. Another arbitrary limit put on the system by Avid, much like tracks AKA "voices". I don't need 32 i/o but it has to be rough for people who do. At least this version is said to be more efficient with multi-core CPU's so that should be a benefit.

As for ASIO, my interface's drivers work perfectly in every other application, including Samplitude, Reaper, Studio One, and various editors. Never a hiccup. Only PT remains problematic. I've tried the native driver as well as ASIO4ALL, which works differently in PT, and eliminates some of the issues while creating others. A simple thing like opening a different project with a different sample rate is still a problem in PT 12.8, my final version. I've moved on, I don't have to fight that battle any more.

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Sorry. Number of IO. There's an arbitrary limit of 32 IO, and you can't even choose which 32.

I have 4 IO I can't use (AES, SPDIF), and there's no way to even swap them with regular IO in PT.

I want 16 more IO, and even buting ultimate won't allow it.

I should add the RME's drivers have been rock solid in PT for me. At this point I would guess that the majority of the problems that I've had have been how PT used CPU