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I'm not sure I understand. PT has been capable of using ASIO since PT about 7-8 years ago.

Yes, their ASIO implementation is buggy and problematic, and when I was a PT user I spent more time cursing at it than using it, but if talk to to it nicely, buy it flowers, caress it ever so gently, and tell it over and over how it is the best DAW in the universe, ASIO can be made to work.

Sorry. Number of IO. There's an arbitrary limit of 32 IO, and you can't even choose which 32.

I have 4 IO I can't use (AES, SPDIF), and there's no way to even swap them with regular IO in PT.

I want 16 more IO, and even buting ultimate won't allow it.

I should add the RME's drivers have been rock solid in PT for me. At this point I would guess that the majority of the problems that I've had have been how PT used CPU