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Old 18th May 2019
Here for the gear
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I have an S3 and LOVE it. We also have S6's at work but this is a great board for mixing anything for films/TV.

Plus I didn't have to pay 40-100k for basically most of the same features the S6 has. Granted the S6 command module is waaay more fancy, and the metering monitors are helpful, but the actual functionality of the S3 paired with the Dock is pretty comprehensive. I did have a bum fader on 16, but I was able to buy a new one from AVID for $50 and install it myself in about 10 minutes (there's a metal plate on the underside that covers just the fader circuitry/servos which unscrews easily).

What the dock provides a solid jog shuttle wheel, complete automation control, plus softkeys you can program to do custom operations.