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Are these the Trio11s? If so, I'm surprised that they would not impress. They would have a beefier bass than the SM9 owing to the much larger bass driver.

I would imagine it's the midrange driver that you are referring to? I've heard a few different opinions on either side of the fence on this, especially when comparing to the SM9. Some like the mids a little more forward while others don't. I enjoy meaty mids so perhaps the Trio11 would, at least for me, be better than than the SM9. But I guess it's horses for courses.
It’s simple. If you want the older mid range driver, have an infinity for bass and don’t usually play music really loud for clients go with sm9. if you want the newer mid range driver, like to play somewhat loud to get a feel go with trio 6. if you want new mid range and more Bass and nearly unlimited headroom for clients go with trios 11. Or you could just demo them and call it a day. Not rocket science

Shaggy, the 8k trio 11 are suppose to supersede the sm9 not rival it. The sm9 are discontinued.