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I love making music just to do it but I also do it to see some feedback and appreciation for all your efforts. Musicians like interacting with others and watching what they create have an impact. Now, even albums like Pete Rock's SP1200 album is all but ignored except for a small select few.

So I ask - what is the point anymore if people don't care, people barely listen (even to well known groups - IE. Erick Sermon's latest album), and devote their time to other things outside of music.

Yes, you can make your own music and do it for your own ego but I enjoy doing it so people get enjoyment out of it and like seeing the interaction. If some of the best artists can't even demand attention, why bother anymore?
Indeed getting plays and feedback in this day age is hard for almost everyone other than those top few % who manage to take off for one reason or another, (not always due to talent of course!).

Even though I love making beats just for the sake of making beats, there was a time a couple of years ago where it got a little frustrated by not having many people hear and feedback on them once i'd released as I wanted to know if other people were enjoying them as much as I me and know if i'd made some positive connections with my art and put back a little into the ocean of music i've got so much from in the last 25 years.

One of the very best things i've done since to improve that situation is join an active beat battle community which means there's always a notable group of people who are happy to listen and feedback each week, and overall it's really nice to have that social element as part of the whole experience rather than just making and sending beats into the 'void'.

Plus it's a weekly beat battle so there's the fun element of competing and everyone is super chill and supportive, plus we set up battle rules/themes that push us out our comfort zones to challenge us beat making wise which I know i've found so valuable developmental wise.

There's loads of beat battle communities out there to choose from, but if you are interested in checking out ours it's at

Until late last years it was Stones Throw forum's very long running beat battle (now in it's 9th year), so when they shut their forum down we migrated it to a one. Would be great to see any of your guys there.