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I think it important to remember with summing boxes one has to be careful with language and fact.

It is just plain bonkers to say one gets greater separation with an analogue summing box as it's impossible to get greater separation than the mathematically perfect streams of the channels in your DAW.

The channels in your DAW have ZERO cross talk therefore they cannot be more separate they are 100% separate.

The channels in an electrical analogue summing box suffer from some degree of cross talk and are therefore less "seperate" than the channels in your DAW.
I'm sure people enjoy summing boxes but using one for greater channel separation makes absolutely no physical or mathematical sense in the real world, well at least no sense in my world.

Perhaps it is the opposite that is the attraction and it's the fact there is cross talk blurring that makes analogue summing appealing to some people.

I get the impression from reading threads on GS about all forms of analogue summing that the attraction is the ease of adding outboard processing without latency and gain staging issues.

If it's just about adding somw analogue vibe then a Silver bullet of SSL Fusion is going to tick that box and them some.
You’re just adding to the problem by trying to take the descriptive words literally. We all know it’s virtually impossible to use words to describe sound in certain circumstances. E.g. Warm, harsh, sterile, transparent, thick, fat full, thin, coloured...... The list goes on.

All of these words (including separation) are trying to trying to describe perception, not mathematical formulas. Let’s not go down a rabbit hole with this argument and derail the thread.

My point simply trying to illustrate that some will pay thousands/tens of thousands to add summing into their setup, others say nope, just use the DAW and put all that money to something else. No one is right, we all ‘perceive’ differently.