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First off I want to say that I love producing music and recording. However, lately I feel like what's the point anymore. If you look on Youtube, music videos get the lowest engagement compared to lame videos like talk shows, top 10 lists, and animal videos. The average music video gets $16k views. Only a small top tier group of artists get millions of views.

I see Hip Hop groups putting out amazing music with incredible videos getting 10k views. Music sales are all but dead and streaming pays next to nothing anymore. People don't seem to appreciate music - especially the younger generations. Everyone who has a laptop thinks they can make amazing beats. Everyone thinks they can rap but the truth is only a small elite can actually do it at a top tier level.

I love making music just to do it but I also do it to see some feedback and appreciation for all your efforts. Musicians like interacting with others and watching what they create have an impact. Now, even albums like Pete Rock's SP1200 album is all but ignored except for a small select few.

So I ask - what is the point anymore if people don't care, people barely listen (even to well known groups - IE. Erick Sermon's latest album), and devote their time to other things outside of music.

Yes, you can make your own music and do it for your own ego but I enjoy doing it so people get enjoyment out of it and like seeing the interaction. If some of the best artists can't even demand attention, why bother anymore?
It sounds maybe like your question is a commercial question? Well, suppose there was no way for any person alive to hear your music besides you, would you still make music? Not trying to trap you here, genuinely curious and there's no wrong answer. I know lots of musicians who only enjoy playing with others, jamming, song circles, playing with other musicians in bands, gigging, etc. They treat music like how some people treat golf, a means to connect with others and have a good time. While others may view creating music as an extension of themselves and who they are, creating is a part of them and what they want to do with their lives.