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Old 18th May 2019
Here for the gear

Manley reference C ??

Man I got my Manley a week or so ago and today was my first time putting it through the paces , since my initial test run ... I recorded a couple of songs and good God lol... I had the Sony c100 before this and man does this thing smoke it ... I have bought high end mic pres in the past great river Avedis Ma5 to name a few , but always used sub par mics .. I didn't really believe the microphone was the most important component when it came to the signal chain ... Man was I wrong I spent all these years chasing that high end sound trying different pres and all I had to do was stop listen and buy a real mic ... It's a night and day difference .. I'm using it with the Apollo unison 1073 and it sounds so dam good man. I just ordered a Rupert shelford and it will be here Monday .. I can't wait to hear it through that thing ... If the unison already sounds this good I know having a real analog pre is going to give it the icing on the top... My vocals sound big warm , but with clarity the mic is kinda bright but not like the c100 , I felt it was to clinical, it was sharp sounding that's the best way I can describe it and lots of sibilance too.. another thing I love about the Manley is that I don't have to de-ess I hate de-essing .. so for all those project studio guys looking for that radio sound do yourself a favor and buy the Manley and an Apollo and you will not be disappointed!! Its freaking gorgeous as well