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Thanks guys.

Yeah, that's what i'm picking up from reading the interwebs on these machines.

I imagine the 827 was like the pinnacle of analog recording, but as i'm indeed looking for colour, perhap the pinnacle is not actually what i want.

I'm in Europe where the MCIs are less common, so that might also be worth considering.


A couple practical questions: noisy is an MCI? I mean actually mechanical noise? Ideally i'd like to place it in the same room as i'm recording in, but is there enough mechanical noise when it's running to put a spanner in those works?
I'll be mainly using it to track drums, so it doesn't matter if it isn't whisper quiet.........

....And does a machine like an MCI work like a 3 head cassette deck? So i could record to it and immediately read from the tape into my A/D and into the DAW? So i wouldn't need to rewind and record it into the DAW in a separate process? So basically i'll be using like a giant FX processor (of course i realize i'd need to compensate in my DAW for the analog delay).

(sorry, i realize that last one is a total newb question!)
Ther are 3 fans on the back on a JH24. One in each power supply and another up near the deck. You can remove the panel near the deck, but the fans on the power supplies need to run. Its kind of a drag.