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i fear i might be the wrong guy to further talk to (regarding this topic): although we seem to share a taste for great music
a) i'm not experienced enough on various tape machines
b) i was lucky to have techs taking care of technical details so i could focus on recording/mixing/interacting with the bands, so i'm simply not tech savy enough (while there are some folks around here who know tons about every machine there is!)
c) i was never much convinced that it's the tape that does/is supposed to contribute much to the sound we're experiencing (although there is no denial of the fact that even a very well aligned 'modern' machine such as the a827 does have some sort of sound when compared with 'digital')
d) there are so many factors which affect sound that i was always hoping i could get away from tape (and hence bought digital tape and fairlight pretty early on) - i did for the laegest part of my work a long time ago and i'm glad i did!
e) i've mixed music (in my own studios) which i now don't remember/cannot tell what gear i was using (analog or digital tape or hd recorders? did i mix on an analog or digital desk or inside the daw? standard or high sampling rates?) - further prove to me that tape (or any other gear) ALONE doesn't affect sound that much.

but yeah, i can see the point that if you're really into a specific sound of a certain era, then it's probaby a good idea to get as many things the same as they used to be - i'm just not convinced that the tape machine is that important...

p.s. afaik the heads don't have separate outputs: it's two sets of outputs which both carry the same signal but can get trimmed to output different levels; i had one set of outputs trimmed down as the converters i was using at the time couldn't handle very high levels - you can choose on the machine which head gets routed to the outputs - but maybe machines could get modified/set up so the outputs carry different signals?! i should ask my tech...

p.p.s. i'm using the spl machine head (digital tape emulation) if i want my mixes to sound as if they'd be recorded/mixed to tape :-)

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