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Thanks for taking the time to explain.

I feel like a terrible dunce as i'm not quite getting it.

Let me just first quickly outline exactly what i'd want to do:

Record to tape, and, immediately (preferable without having to rewind the tape) capture each tape track in my DAW for later tweaking and mixing.

So i wouldn't need or want to do any overdubs on tape.

So with this in mind, i wouldn't need to record anything from the sync head (which is lesser quality, right?)

So i could just take the output from the repro head (which is located physically away from the record head, hence the latency?) and feed that into my DAW.

So still a couple of questions linger:

The sync head IS the record head, right? So an MCI has two heads? (sync & repro?)

Does an MCI have seperate sync and repro outputs? If so, i could take the sync outputs and use that to feed to the drummers monitor mix, with the added benefit that he actually gets the tape sound in his cans.


EDIT: in reply to your edit:
Yes indeed, i have next to no experience with tape. But i'm not a beginner! (Gearslutz member since 2006)
My studio isn't a commercial one and i have the funds necessary to do the tape thing if i want.
All the music that i like and listen to was all, without exception, recorded on tape, and i've yet to hear that same sound from digital recordings. Think Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers, Curtis Mayfield, Motown, Hendrix the list goes on and on!

I'm not saying it's impossible to get that sound with digital recording, but why jump through all those hoops if you don't need to!?

Hence my interest in a 2" machine!


EDIT v2:

A little anecdote: i remember somewhere around 1988: i was at a friend's house who had a little recording set-up including a Fostex R8. I told me he was going to play me a recording of an acoustic guitar he'd made. I remember thinking:
"This is gonna sound terrible, recorded in this amateur set-up in this damp, ratty basement". But when he pressed play on the Fostex, i was absolutely astonished at how good it sounded, clearly better than any CD sound i'd heard (remember, this is the late eighties with that thin, early CD sound we all hated back then!)

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