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Old 17th May 2019
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Spent few days more with the boxes.

I came to the conclusion that nice gear does nice things to my ears.

But nothing from all the things I have tried in the last days was better or worse. Just different.

I used 16 Channels of Summing with the Nicerizer, the Dangerous 2 Bus. I used a Smart C1 as the final stage before A/D. I tried it with the UAD SSL G-Bus instead. I used the Heritage Pre and Heritage Pre and EQ in between.

A lot of combinations between Dangerous, Heritage, Smart, Phoenix and in the Box.

At the end of the day there were always differences. But nothing that was better or worse. Even the Pro Tools only Mix with the UAD SSL Bus Comp without any Hardware was good.

I would not want to live without my Smart C1, cause i liked it more than the only in the box mix. But apart from that I can easily live without any of the other 3 boxes - if we are talking just about summing and mixbus things. The Heritage is a very good preamp for tracking.

My conclusion to summing:
If it is an improvement for workflow - integrating hardware - then it is a good thing.

For sound alone - not needed for me.

I will sell all summing boxes, send the heritage back as I do more or less zero tracking in my home studio, invest the money in another good mixbus processor like my smart. Maybe an eq, something set and forget like my smart. ;-)