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i'd use the repro and not the sync head 'cause if you're doing overdubs/punch in, that's what the musicians need to hear.

tape outputs then go into the tape return/line in of the analog desk or in your case, your antelope inputs. you don't need an analog desk for this; digital playback however will introduce some latency which can be distracting in the headphone/aux mixes, especially while overdubbing and you cannot just switch from sync to repro head as with tape...


pls allow for a somewhat personal remark: you seem to be unexperienced with 2" machines; am i wrong? if this is the case though, are you sure you wanna get one? i'd recommend booking some time in a studio which still uses tape machines, watch them calibrate, record test tones, record music, punch in, rewind, erase tracks/takes, put on new reels, do not forget to ask about prices/rates, where they get tape from etc.

i'd never ever buy a 2" in 2019, i wouldn't even take one for free! (ok, i got an a800 which keeps working, but it's getting less and less use)...

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