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Hello, ive been looking around on this forum and have found some posts about studio being in the corner of the room. Its not a good idea, i know, but the things is that its my only option. So the question is: is it possible to make the corner so, that there would t be any problems with the stereo imaging and bass? Of course acoustic foams help and i have to get a lot of bass traps. I live on the last floor which means the ceiling/wall is diagonal? I dont know if it makes things worse or better. Every tip and solution would be very much appreciated and ill also add a picture of the studio(which is not ready because of the foams)

Thank you!
It is not problem if your studio is in the corner IF you have everything symmetrical from left to right. Even if your ceiling is slanted.
I do not know if this is a case with your corner, because you did not send a drawing of the whole room.

Try to avoid unreasonably large working reflecting surfaces, between you and your loudspeakers. You are trying to build studio not bank office. Also you do not have a big mixing desk, try not to improvise similar reflecting surface, without reason.

I hope I help you.

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