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Those mdr.modular cases are awesome looking. Had to write them for info before committing to
the Make Noise case. Which I am wavering on, as near $900 (shipped) is a lot for only 7u.
I heard from Dimitry:

Price for basic configuration (silver rails, sliding nuts, unpowered)
mdr.KOROLEV (3U, 60 mm depth): 93-104HP-170USD, <92HP - 160USD
mdr.KRASNOYARSK (6U, 60 mm depth) 93-104HP - 340USD, <92HP - 320USD
mdr.SARATOV (6U, 85 mm depth): 104HP - 360USD, <92HP - 340USD

Optional stand (allow to place case with 2 different angles) - 55USD
Black rails and threaded strips options are available.

Concerning the power. You can use any type of power with flying bus or I can prepare case for easy installation of power, such as Malekko power, TitpTip uZeus etc, to the back side. Or I can install the power of Russian manufacturer Motovilo. For 6U cases: 2 buses+ power – 180USD. For 3U cases: 1 bus+ power – 150USD. Specification for this type of the power: +12V - 2A, -12V - 1A, +5v - 0.7A. For 12U systems 2 sets of the power are needed. External power supply (MeanWell) can be included as option (20 USD)

E.g. the mdr.modular cases are pretty attractive. A case comparable to the
make noise case (minus the 1U CV Bus) would be about $675 with power, stand and shipped. Something like that anyway.