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For my wife's birthday, she wanted to have a mini Vincent Price marathon, so we watched a couple classics she hadn't seen before.

The Tingler - This was only my second viewing for this one. It's so silly that it's borderline laughable. I'd have loved to be in the theater back in the day for the screaming scene where the seats all start randomly buzzing and Vincent Price is encouraging everybody to "scream for your life!" Also, the only color in the whole movie being the blood in the bathtub was super effective. It was fun watching my wife jump out of her seat when that came on.

House on Haunted Hill - I loved this movie as a kid. My mom would tell me stories about the interactive theaters that had floating skeletons flying across the room. The severed head, creepy caretaker, and floating skeleton scenes all scared the dickens out of me. Even today, the ambiance, the cinematography, the soundtrack make it such an enjoyably creepy film. It has one of my favorite movie endings ever. The whole film has aged so well. I hated when they remade it and rewrote the ending because they obviously missed the point of the movie.