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Thanks, James...

I actually ended up finding a proper expansion "board" for the 1010 and it works fine. But that's not the end of my story.

I became totally fed up with trying to get all my old gear working properly. It seemed like every time I'd get it to go, something else would come up. I was spending more time trying to get everything to work than I was making music. I'm not what you'd call tech savvy.

So... it all got thrown in a drawer - mixer and all - and was replaced by a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, Addictive Drums 2 and SampleTank 4 (also, SampleTank 3 came with 4 at no extra charge) Funny thing is, all my new stuff still cost less than what I paid for the old gear many years ago. Yes, it really was time for me to catch up and start using new technology.

I love the fact that all I have to do is turn on one switch, start up the DAW and start making music.

It looks like your new 6i6 will handle your .sys midi exchanges with your old gear. Just hook up the midi in/outs with the 6i6 and your Roland (when you settle down and get nostalgic again..haha). You will then have your old gear talking with your pc then all you need is a simple program (I use Bome SendSX). The first time you do it will take a bit of time, but after that, you will be swapping sounds in and out quickly. The only problems I have ever had were solved by slowing down the transfer speed inside of the SendSX....(older gear needs more time LOL.) I load sounds into an old Juno, JX10 and a V-Synth btw.)
The software (whichever you decide on) will have a user manual and again, once you get past the "fear factor", you will see how fairly easy it all is. You can then manage and handle files all on your computer.

I have a "hardware only" home studio with 32 channels of synths all going into DAW via USB and I record live tracks old school style with 1/4" cables. Crazy I know, but I simply enjoy the process and it's just plain fun. Good luck man, that old JV is a good unit btw.