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Hey Wiggy,

Stones you can see on the floor are just pieces scattered there to help solving wall "stone puzzle"... This way, it is better to view, to find easier a stone part with best shape/color to fit the empty place on the wall, similar to a real puzzle game.

For real floor, firstly, we will do cement leveling layer, to be perfectly flat and horizontal, then we will glue oak parquet directly to it, then it will be sanded and lacquered. This will be done later because this "stone puzzle game" is very rough and wet, and will damage parquet, so parquet will be done (most probably) at the end. We will have more rough work to do in this room before floor making.

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Hey Boggy,

How do you go about keeping the floor flat and consistent?

Totally get walls being uneven for diffusion etc but if I was a drummer irregular flooring would drives me nuts!


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