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I don't work in the large recording world, mostly small jobs. For the past nine years a local university has hired me to record a narrator that reads all of the names of the graduating class. The audio files are then sent to a company that chops each name into its own file. Each graduating student is given a card with their name and a unique barcode on it. As they approach the podium the card is scanned and the system plays back their name to the audience. This university has found it saves around 1.5-2 hours from the entire graduation ceremonies. Plus the various dean's do not have to recite the names, which are many different nationalities.

Very basic setup, Cantar Mini with a Neumann TLM103 microphone.
That's pretty cool actually. The announcer for my high school graduation (the head of the English department, and one of my former teachers) screwed up my name.

Any idea what the system is that they use for the scanning and playback? I'd like to learn more about that, myself.