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Originally Posted by Brent Hahn View Post
Not at all.

Basically, it's extreme and steep parallel low-pass filtering of an acoustic guitar with a resonance boost at the "corner" frequency. The result, or at least the goal, is something that doesn't sound acoustic or electric, but sorta in-between. In the first song it's on the acoustic lead guitar, and the corner boost is pretty mild. In the second song it's on the acoustic "twin leads" at around 1:50, and the boost is more extreme.

I do this with the F2 HP/LP filter in McDSP Filterbank, but there are other filter plugins that will do it as well. And there may, in fact, be analog filters that can do it, but I'm unaware of them.

Love the overall vibe on these two tracks man. Good stuff!

P.S. I'm assuming these are mastered too? They're pretty loud and upfront. Did you use your Finalizer?