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Old 16th May 2019
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Poly synth Recommendations? (to go with moog Mother-32 & Grendel Drone Commander)

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forums but have been lurking for a while and have learned so much here. I was hoping some of you might be able to help me out with some ideas for a hardware poly for me. I have some ideas in mind but I want to hear all of your recommendations and do not want to color your recs with my preliminary thoughts.

I currently have a moog mother-32 and a Grendel Drone Commander v1 which I love (along with bass guitar, patchulator 800 and numerous pedals, ipad synths, and VSTs on a macbook). I am looking for a poly that would compliment the Mother and Grendel. I mostly make ambient type music these days and I am thinking that the poly would be used primarily for pads, chords, soundscapes, etc. But, I would also like something that I can experiment with. Not looking for any type of classic sounds or too much preset reliance as I find a lot of inspiration from tinkering and developing sounds on my own.

Now for the requirements: No keyboard or modular (must be a desktop model; semi-modular like the mother is fine though), 1 knob per function; none or minimal menu diving; something intuitive without a huge learning curve; ability to experiment and come up with new and interesting/crazy sounds.

Would be nice: not required but ability to save presets would be a plus; clock-in to have the Grendel clock out go into it.

I'd ideally like to keep the price under around $700, however, I am open to ALL recommendations. If you had a budget rec and then a money no object rec that would be great! At some point soon I would also like to add a hardware sequencer to sequence the poly and the mother, but that is a whole other can of worms.

Thanks all and looking forward to your recommendations!