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Yea one-hit wonders and the like, kinda nail nail a unique sound or idea. The reason I got into production was the real opportunity to have creative control of the the molding of a songs sound. I was getting real tired of certain genres. I really enjoyed seeing Twenty One Pilots and bands like Hippocampus, Portugal. The Man - to Punk and Alternative starting to head in fresh directions. It has also been a blessing to me that genres were also including glitch and noise. For the fact my equipment is very lo-fi and in-expensive. I think certain vocals just really fit certain pieces of equipment really well and naturally. (But most of whats talked about is higher end) I really explore the anomalies of say King Harvests 'Dancin in the Moonlight'. How the producer/production really got that 'it' with unknown quantities. When artists start niche(ing) themselves I often get tired of them real fast. But the gravy train can be a trap artistically and its usually hard for them to get off it with obvious reasons. I love when an artist or producer says 'I have a real crazy idea' lol. I really think so many people are trying 'not to fail' and that to me is very boring. I loved how Chris Stapleton finally busted out. For me its that short one little phrase that the whole song is generally built around. Ha - like Cold Play saying I am gonna sing my song trying to emulate Willie Nelson - 'Yellow' 'this is a crazy idea' And a joke becomes a serious good song.