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sometimes u gotta stand in the rain on ur jax bro

yes the 3 k looks amazing and sounds amazing but do u really wann go back to them big ass heavy ass machines? and that old ass user interface?

i love the filter and the a/d converters but i like the modern workflow of the live right now
Tbh, yes.

I want to go back to that time. Look at how simple the design and functionality of the SP404 is. And people love it. Same with those MPCs for me.

I mean a reissue doesnt mean they have to build it exactly as they did back then.

Materialwise they can probably make them for a lot less and with higher quality.

It would be smart by Akai to cater to multiple types of customers by broadening their MPC catalogue and reducing these short lived controllers that get abandoned.

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I don’t think MPC fans and gearslutz intersect that much. Crickets when I mention the MPC 4000 in any thread.
Yea, you’re probably right. Before posting I thought people would go wild, marching in the streets, arms locked, chanting for Akai to give us those great MPCs of the past back.

But... I was wrong.

Id bet tho if Akai really came thru with a reissue that it would be major gear news and even the EDM people would jump in on it.

Maybe I need to post this somewhere else. When you go on YouTube there is definitely evidence that old MPCs are still held in high regards and have a big following... so, I guess right time wrong place here.