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Old 16th May 2019
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Thank you for the replies.
I went with the Roland Mixer:GO Pro (the one with the battery compartiment).
I'm happy with the Roland, everything worked fine. Mic input, lavalier mic input, line input and headphones out.
Gainstaging is possible, the only thing missing is a dedicated headphones volume knob.
When recording loud modular synths, while listening to the interviewed person talking, the output level was routed straight to the iPhone but also to the headphones. And that wasn't very nice. (I'm protective of my ears!)

But.. there's an issue. Not with the Roland but with the setup as a whole:
Sometimes my Filmic app crashed, sometimes it took the whole phone with it, sometimes it distorted the audio, sometimes it didn't see the incoming audio at all. Restarting the phone was then the only way to deal with it. I assume (but am not sure) this has to do with taking the Lightning cable in and out of the phone (had to recharge it, using a battery pack)
I think (but am not sure) that the distorted audio is because the iPhone doesn't deliver enough power to the Roland mixer (so when more voltage is needed, it distorts).
The levels were not too high. It could also be a temperature issue, taking the iPhone out of the frame I had it mounted in, seemed to "unfreeze" it.

This, and another reason make the iPhone unsuitable for professional video work with audio. It's great to use for travel, communication, quick uploads to the forum or instagram live videos.
Thankfully the little Roland mixer can be used with a Laptop or even standalone. So the purchase was not wasted.

@ DirkP I don't know if it can recieve more than 2 channels through the Lightning connector. You'd have to look that up.