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Now they have released modular 59 series and it's really-really great, cardioid version much-much fatter then MK4, more detailed and not so bright. Omni version is extremely close to MK2 sound-wise, they are a bit different but with the same character. Also Nevatons does have extremely low noise, that's very important for me, omni (MC59-O) is 5dba self-noise and cardioid (MC59-C) is 7 dba, wide cardioid (MC59-W) is about 6 dba I think. At the moment they dont have bright omni capsule so if I need brighter omni I use MK2H or DPAs but I know that they have plans for bright omni, 8, hyper and a few more. So nowdays I'm a big fan of them as you can see!)
Wow, cool stuff.