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Is there a hardware sample renaissance on the way? I just repaired my old MPC-1000 and also refurbished an ASR-10. It seems like I'm not alone...

The ASR feels primitive compared to using my Serato Sample, but I use it to get that sound.
Oh, youre definitely not alone, man.

Thats the whole point of this thread. I know theres a lot of people who would like that classic hardware back.
But I guess most mpc heads arent really gear heads that dwell on gearslutz like we do.

Regarding known producers abandoning old MPCs. Im not really concerned with what they do and use. If some DJs ditch Vinyl & TTs for controllers that doesnt mean vinyl is not cool anymore. Everybody has their own thing and preferences.

But ay, like I said and will say a 100 times: Vote on that Akai thread and let Akai know if you support the idea.