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Originally Posted by Martel80 View Post
I was answering that sentence of yours :
""Keep in mind, many of our favorite producers who made me fall in love with the classic MPCs have since abandoned them.''

Again, not sure your statement is totally accurate.
Ok, that's fair. I should have used a different word besides "abandoned." I wasn't trying to be that absolute in my original statement. I've seen Kanye, 9th, and Black Milk in videos using modern MPCs, but I wasn't there for those sessions, so one can never be sure.

Is there a hardware sample renaissance on the way? I just repaired my old MPC-1000 and also refurbished an ASR-10. It seems like I'm not alone...

The ASR feels primitive compared to using my Serato Sample, but I use it to get that sound.

I use the MPC-1000 (JJOS1) because I know it like the back of my hand. Not much special about that sound though.