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Paper plates are not "within reason".
The density of waxed paper is around 700 kg/m3. The density of EPS is around 30 kg/m3 (at the low end of the range). A typical paper plate is about 1mm thick, so it has roughly the same mass as an inch of EPS. Diffusers molded from EPS are often a lot thinner than an inch... So yeah, a folded paper plate would do fine. Might not look very pretty: it would need a coat of paint, maybe, to make it nicer, but it would diffuse. It would also absorb probably, from the membrane effect, which might be unwanted... but then again, many diffusers also absorb in unwanted ways, so there's no difference there. And you might also be able to put that absorption to good use.

I'm not sure that product you linked to is either, but I like the fact it looks like it is doing something.
If you actually click on that link, you'll find out that it doesn't take you to a product: in fact, it takes you to a thread here on GS, discussing in general the issue of diffusers made from EPS and similar materials. There are several mentions of various commercial products on that thread.

If you don't think those products are "within reason", then you should probably take that up with RPG, GIK acoustics, Jens, Thomann, etc. I'm sure Dr. D'Antonio and Glenn Kuras would love to hear your opinion on why EPS diffusers are not "within reason" and only "look like they are doing something"...

Anyway, getting back to the point: High mass is not necessary for a diffuser to work. Shape is what counts. Any reasonably stiff and reflective material can be used to make them.

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