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Talk about putting the cart before the horse

How about selecting the right mic for your source?

Hi thismercifulfate
My sources are trumpet, voice, acoustic guitar, snare/brushes, acoustic bass (and electric guitar through a direct input).
I just like to play and make music as an amateur, nothing professional.
So my setup is quite simple and predictable. I don't need several mics and i don't want them.
I like a versatile, minimalist but good quality setup with good quality tools.
So two preamps of which a channel strip, two microphones, stereo ADDA conversion and a daw are enough for my purpose.
And my studio is not acoustically perfect. So i need microphones that fit well with it. I have had many condenser through the years but i have found the best results, in my own context, using dynamics mics. I wanted to keep the 737 when i changed my setup. Because it is perhaps the best pre i have had, very focused, natural and in face. And also classy clean with a slow and smooth compressor and a sweet eq, especially on the high frequencies. Very good on voice and acoustic instruments imo, for folk and jazz music. Paired with the Md441 (and a 58 or a Md7400 sometimes) i can get very good tracks of trumpet, snare and acoustic bass even at a certain distance while for voice alone and acoustic guitar alone i tend to use Grace-Md441 or Grace-737 line in-Md441. But when i want to track acoustic guitar and voice together stereo or dual mono, almost always, lately, i need of two indipendent pres and mics: for now Grace-Md441 and 737-Sm58/Md7400(close miking).
My question is about a mic, dynamic mic, for the second channel to pair with the 737 which allow to record at a certain distance, half a meter, and keep quiet the signal at the same time. Cloud filter etc could be an option, i don't know. But the right dynamic mic, if there is, would have my preference.