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I think profiles like this would work if you can apply them at angles and mix it up with other shapes/profiles

I don't see how a round profile would work for wells that are supposed to be square. Part of the principle of operation of a diffuser is that the incoming sound wave is able to enter the well, hit the (flat) bottom, and be reflected back up again, resulting in a time delay (and thus a phase shift). With curved sidewalls and a curved bottom for the well, I don't see how that reflection would happen...

That said, I would imagine that there must be similar router bits that are able to cut square-bottom, sheer-sided grooves, rather than rounded ones... ? Of course, the bit would have to cut to the exact correct dimensions...

Fractal is one method of trying to optimize how it's mixed up.
Well, yeah.. I suppose! As long as the "mixing up" still follows the math behind how diffusers work. You can't just use any old random shape....

I wonder how a fractal difuser out of granet would sound!
Just like one made out of any other material, actually... It's not the material that causes the diffusion, but the carefully crafted shape.

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