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Hi all,

This is Alex Jacobsen with Auratone, grandson of the late Jack Wilson, the founder of Auratone and creator of the beloved 5C speaker. I'd like to help bring some clarity to this topic.

The Music Group/Behringer Auratone C5A and C50A are not related to us and our Auratone 5C in anyway. We have not sold nor licensed the brand. We are in a pending lawsuit with Music Group in US District Court regarding this matter.

There is also pending ligation in Europe in the EUIPO, and a decision in that case is imminent. All of these cases are of public record.

Auratone has been a family business for over 50 years, and we continue to operate as one, the way Jack would have wanted it. We look to carry on his legacy and are committed to protecting that.

Oh my wow! Thanks for clarification. That's a really crazy situation to be in! Next, I'll bet they'll release a computer and call it a Macintosh!