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I think it's just as funny that one of his most popular cinema adaptations (The Shining) is a thing that he hates. I've seen a lot of dud Stephen King movies. I can't stand his writing, but he has good plots, so I'm always hoping to find good adaptations of his works. The ones that stand out most to me are 1408, The Mist, The Shining, Carrie, and Misery. There's a lot of made-for-TV-stuff of his that isn't so bad so long as you keep the low budget in mind.
Yea I second what you said... personally I have trouble reading a page or two of Kings novels. His style just doesn't fit me. His stories are good. And the movies Shining and Carrie were good. I do not know how much creative control he has over the releases... but many writers do have a strong say. Little baffling.