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Right? I don't see any creative difference between sampling and playing an instrument. Its also interesting to see the cognitive dissonance between how labels seem to be getting over on the artists and how you have to follow the rules to make sure your samples are cleared. We have to make sure that the labels/publishers get their due (100% of the publishing) for that 2.5 second snippet of music that you chopped up and made completely unrecognizable.
Sampling is absolutely a creative endeavor, it's a skill for sure that takes time and dedication to master like playing an instrument...... unfortunately if it uses the copyrighted pre-recorded compositions of others, by law you have to compensate those that provided the material for you to create yours.

We learned a long time ago to hire out musicians and have them replay old sample parts or in the style of the old samples, then chop that up in original ways to avoid SR & PA clearance. We can still be creative in sampling without having to use other peoples copyrighted work to get there.