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Quadruple S!
Sonosax, Schoeps and Sony WM-D6C field recording cassette setup with neotech silver and tpr cabling into a pelican 1200 with a K&M bar and some rycote shockmounts.
Only things not pictured are a stand (manfrotto 5001b) and Sennheiser hd-25's (the 4th 'S').

Planning a few minor changes in the coming months:
-upgrade those schoeps bodies through Rens Heijnis to his +48v phantom electronics
-buy some Schoeps W5D wind shields
-change out the TPR for neotech copper and eventually neotech silver cabling.
-Make the sonosax sx-m2 into stepped potentiometers or switches for easier stereo matching of gain.
-get a lipo battery to power the sx-m2 instead of 9Vs.

-get a smaller stand than the manfrotto 5001b, any recommendations? ~3.5ft max height needed probably.
-get some earphones to reduce size and weight further, any recommendations?
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