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Trios all the way down to 28Hz...not bad. I wonder what the -dB would be at that point. I'll make a guess that it's probably -6 or -7dB as it's 35Hz at -3dB. I wonder what it does at flat? My guess maybe 40Hz. Not bad for an 8 inch driver.

Conversely the ADAM S3V (which is another great monitor) is flat at 40Hz but drops to about -9dB at 30Hz (from one review I had read) but usable at 32Hz.

Two choices for me and price is around the same.
Very faint and obviously not useable. 35 is def. useable.

Shaggy, theyve always been analytical for me. Thinking of goin back to two way as well. Gonna try a couple more first.
The trios gave me a revalation about my low end I don’t think I would have ever known without it. I feel like I can transfer that knowledge now