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Yes, I’ve tried both. do some reading on here as well. The trio mid range is focals newest. flag ship design. The sm9 felt recessed there and hifi. Sm9 is a glorious sound though. When something is that analytical in the highs and recessed in the mids, and smeared in the lows it feels like a guess work to get the impact right... I don’t like relying on math, I’d rather feel it and get it right off vibe but anytime I went somewhere else it would be wrong. Also Tracks I made came out boxy as opposed to avantone Abby, barefoot, 708, etc. Sm9 is also discontinued now. Full disclosure; I’m selling my trio. I’m going to try a couple more and possibly downgrade back to speakers that aren’t as analytical
It's crazy you mentioned analytical because after a few years of using the Twins, I think I'm finally hitting the same wall. I think at the end of the day I probably just am someone who likes more 2 way designs in monitors - maybe couple a good 2 way with a sub or something. I remember someone saying that the Solos with the Sub 6 was an amazing combo. Kind of feel like the Twins just disperse the sound so wide that I get thrown off by it.