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I've heard a lot of comparisons between these two monitors and both employ an 8" woofer to handle the low end. What surprises me is that the Trio6 go down to 35hz at -3 whereas the SM9 goes down to 30hz at -3. Interesting and curious as to why there is any difference being that both use an 8" woofer. Maybe the 8" woofer in the SM9 has a longer throw?
The sub bass on the sm9 has more muscle and impact. Def better than the trio in that regard but overall volume doesn’t get as loud as the trios at all. Sm9 uses a passive radiator on the top along with the woofer as opposed to the trios being ported. Trios blow a good amount of air when you have too much bass in your music. I had a sub6 with my trios, but I didn’t need it and returned it. When I sweep I can hear all the way down to 28 on the trios. Both speakers need a good amount of space. The tweeters don’t need to be pointed directly at you. Sm9 and trios use the same tweeters, which differ on the twins. I’m guessing sm9 sound brighter because of the recessed mids. There shouldn’t be a difference between the t6 and t11s. The newer mid range should give you slightly less distortion though. understandably, since it has a higher max spl