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Hi Oop!

From what I could figure out, it's a non-sense mashup of newer delivery specs, with old Analog TV standards (-10 dBFs).

From time to time I still receive this type of requests.
The mix has to comply with loudness specs (-23 LUFS in South America), but still be backwards compatible, so we slap an L1 at -10 dbFS.

They also ask for dialogue to peak between -30 dB and -20 dB RMS.
(Somewhat similar to what they are asking you)

IMHO, a complete mess.
But doable.

Just mix to hit -24 LKFS using your ears. Compress a bit more than you would normally do, and limit at -10 dB FS.

My 2 cents.

lol. i was thinking the same thing. that -10 was suspiciously familiar.