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Yep, I'll probably go AA (the microphone that is!).
IMHO that company (and Dave) are somewhat underated-except by their customers and reviewers!

ADK is also an interesting avenue, like AA, Larry V. is also a genuine mic enthusiast.

I gravitate towards companies like this (ala Bock/AEA), where the owners are "Microphone Lifers".
P.S. I love the Soundelux U99 too.
Bock 67 is a bit out of my price range.
Yeah, Dave really loves mics and I think the way he goes about making mics is cool. He uses original design, sound reverences and electronic knowledge to make the sounds he's after. The only Bock I ever used was a Soundelux E47 from back in the day. It was lovely. Those Z mod ADK mic sound nice from all the things I've checked out.