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Old 13th May 2019
Here for the gear

Now that I've been using my X-Touch One for a few months here's an update:
Using Reaper, I've had minimal issues with the bulk of functions. Transport works well, and the functions listed on the adhesive overlay for Reaper all seem to handle just fine. I frequently use the following: toggle repeat; toggle metronome; channel select, mute, solo, and record arm; control master; add marker; save; undo; bank and channel switch; zoom and pan; and shuttle. All of those handle quite well, with only rare bugs, always fixable by a DAW restart.
Now, the main issue: I never found a way to map the fader and rotary encoder to anything but volume and pan. Based on research, it doesn't seem to be possible at this time. If you want to control any other parameters--say, adjusting the gain on an EQ channel--with the fader/encoder, this device will not do it, not in Reaper.
Since one of my original goals was to be able to write automation (with something more user-friendly than the mouse), I saved up for a bit and bought a Nektar Panorama P6 and an Akai MPK261. It took less than an hour to get them playing nice with Reaper, and I've found their functionality to be a massive expansion of my DAW control capabilities. The XTO is still in my studio and gets used for transport and controlling master parameters.
Conclusion: the Behringer X-Touch One is a handy little device, but with its limitations, you may do better to save up and buy something more robust.