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What would be an alternative I wonder? I guess it would have to fit the casing.
I posted it above, and that mod removes the casing from the mic cable entirely.
As I mentioned above, I replaced the casing with a circuit mounted inside an old direct box, to take advantage of the XLR and 1/4-inch jacks in the box, though I think the 1/4-inch needed to be a stereo jack.
This circuit allows you to power the mics via P48, and removes the awful RS transformers from the mics.

IIRC, when I was researching this, I saw a website that offered a circuit board to do the same thing, but I just did it on some perfboard.
Lots of other good info there.

I had previously tried mounting clips for 9v batteries in the original casing, soldering XLR connectors to the cables, and many of the other things being mentioned in this thread, and none of them sounded nearly as good as this mod, because the transformers in there are trash.