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Although it initially arrived by FedEx, I am very shy about handing my GC82S over to a shipping company [e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.]. And I dislike the cost of buying an extra seat to bring it along on trips - funds that may be better spent elsewhere. But no way do I ever let it go to checked baggage. I would go back to FedEx or another shipper before taking that path.

For short trips perhaps consider just purchasing something [less irreplaceable] for temp use the other side. . .or renting. Is that not an option? Or is this a special, one way, or longer trip?

In the United States, I suspect most airlines would just say no to the Wurlitzer for carry on. Delta is [I think] representative of a fairly accommodating airline; but I suspect the profile of the instrument would hurt you more than weight. See: Special Items.

Perhaps you can provide more detail about your circumstance to get input from others on this forum.

Toots Thielemans never had to deal with issues like this!

Travel safe,

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