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if you are dead serious you'd need a high end analog console with 24 volt rails and custom wired studio to decrease the external interference from dirty power, then you'd need the acoustic isolation ideally in an ultra quiet location, custom built room so that's several hundred thousand before you've started, it's pretty much endless but everything in the chain adds up. Hopefully after all that work you'd get an artist with genuine talent.
I think the gear vs talent debate is a given here; the ideal is *****+talent.'

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This. Unless you're in the business of producing money-making hits, the endless quest to find the most perfect gear and the most perfect space in which to use it starts to become a waste of time. Better to focus on nailing a good performance and stay realistic about what you can do to enhance your studio. I've spent a lot of money over the years to get some pretty nice instruments for myself and an adequate assortment of mics and gear for recording myself and my band, and I enjoy all of it immensely. But it doesn't makes me a better guitarist.
Another perspective is that many 'slutz are questing to find the perfect gear and space without commercial production in mind, and that their pursuit is not a waste of time. Personally I'm equally as interested in the sound and gear (technological art) as the talent.

To paraphrase Billy Childish: I've spent the whole of my life trying to avoid fame because that would destroy my art.